Welcome to Powerhouse Yoga Studio!                                  

​         330-498-1000
Led Primary Ashtanga classes: Tuesdays 7:00 pm 
Saturdays 8:30 am 
Classes are connected through Zoom if you would like to join please e-mail Lisa at lisa.poweryoga@gmail.com.

Powerhouse Yoga Studio is the only studio in Canton, where you can experience the new state of the art Radiant Floor Heating!

Our studio is dust free, energy efficient, and produces zero allergens with radiant control to provide even heat distribution. Our odor and mold-resistant cork flooring is very gentle on your joints. You will experience a natural body heat through radiant floor heating along with luminous lighting that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Upon entering the studio there will be spacious cubbies for all your belongings while you practice.If you are looking for comfort and freedom of movement, Powerhouse Yoga Studio is the studio for you!

"Watch your thoughts; they become words.
 Watch your words; they become actions. 
 Watch your actions; they become habits. 
 Watch your habits; they become character. 
 Watch your character; for it becomes your destiny."