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Led Primary Ashtanga classes: Tuesdays 7:00 pm 
Saturdays 8:30 am 
Classes are connected through Zoom if you would like to join please e-mail Lisa at lisa.poweryoga@gmail.com.

Here's what we have to say:
"The Teacher Training provided by Lisa was superb to say the least. The training teaches you valuable and insightful knowledge in all aspects of yoga with the ability to do hands on training on a weekly basis. Lisa allows you to be your authentic self whilst guiding you and giving you her experienced advice and training. I have an extremely demanding work schedule and Lisa was able to work around it and help me achieve my goal of being a yoga instructer. As her pupils, we didn't have to conform or feel that we had to teach a certain style and that was the best gift of all. Training didn't feel like school work or a chore. I was always extremely excited to attend every week and had that sense of new wonderment ever time, the same feelings that got me to come to my mat when I first started practicing yoga. I've heard alot of people talk about how once they started training or became a teacher that they lost that excitement. Well let me tell you Lisa's training hightend my excitement and made me ready to take on students from every level. I could literally go on and on about her training but it really was one of the best experiences of my life and I am so very glad I took that next step with her training program. If you are looking and are unsure please don't be. Lisa will make you feel at home with yourself, your practice and your teaching style. Believe in her and you will start to believe in yourself and your ability to be the next great yoga teacher you know you all will be and Lisa will help you get there every step of the way."

                                        Jennifer Shipley, North Canton

"Finding Lisa's yoga teacher training was truly a blessing for me. I learned so much about yoga & myself & made lasting friendships.
 Other training programs cost much more & we're not as warm and inviting as Lisa is. It was an amazing experience."

                                        Andie Falconi, California 

"I initially decided to partake in YTT to enhance my yoga practice and to expand my opportunities to teach fitness classes. But, after completing YTT, I found so much more than simply a better yoga practice and teaching opportunities. YTT with Lisa inspired a whole new outlook on life—now filled with mindfulness, patience, and self acceptance. Love, love, love Lisa E!!"

                                       Kristen Fitchko, North Canton

"Yoga teacher training was an amazing g journey into my heart center. I love yoga but in training I had reach within myself to find the authentic teacher I wanted to be. Lisa allowed me freedom to explore the possibilities and to engage the grace of movement inspired from my heart. The training was flexible and worked with my full time job. I would encourage anyone interested in teaching to check PYS and speak with Lisa about your goals."

                                         Turra Gorman, Navarre

"The Yoga Teacher Training not only provided me with the essentials needed to safely and effectively lead a power yoga class, but it has provided me with many life-long lessons. I learned so much about myself through this short journey, and am continually growing every day following. I have found balance within myself through my yoga practice and with the help of Lisa, I have the ability to share that with others. When I first began yoga, I felt disconnected to the mat and my practice - that changed drastically when I walked into the Powerhouse Yoga Studio. There, I found a belonging and hope to spread that connection with everyone I interact with. The Yoga Teacher Training served me in many ways, both on and off of the mat. I recommend this to anyone who is considering becoming a yoga teacher. Lisa encourages and welcomes authenticity with open arms, ensuring that every yoga teacher walks out of their 200 hour training offering something unique. My life has been impacted in such a drastic way since the beginning of my training. Not only have I found myself and shed light on the positive aspects of my life, but I am now able to share that with others." 

                                          Holly Herstine, North Canton